The rise of Big Data, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud Computing, and Real-time Analytics, is opening new window of opportunity to improve operations, collaboration and productivity meanwhile reduce cost and mitigate risk. The 3rd ICT Platform also known as “Digital Disruption” refers to a broad range of changes that affect businesses and organizations. Digital Disruption is brought about by the rapid development of digital technologies such as Mobility, Big Data, Cloud, 4G,etc. The 3rd platform is disrupting almost all business models across industries, but at the same time it brings with it tremendous opportunities and promises to innovate, increase productivity, connect people in new ways and make more informed decisions. The 3rd ICT Platform will open new world for some, and will exclude others who do not listen to the wind of change and adapt their business model accordingly. The OT Summit will focus on the impact of the new ICT trends on the industry and discuss how organizations should adapt to gain competitive advantage.








Strategy & Business Parameters

· Digital Transformation

· Innovationthrough Technology

· IT / Business Strategy Alignment

· Cyber Risk

· ICT Trends & theimpact Business Model


Technology Parameters

· Big Data

· Cloud Computing & Virtualization

· Cyber Security                                                       

· Enterprise Mobility                                 

· Innovative Communications






Attend as Delegate ( for IT vendors / Consultants )


*Request your complimentary invitation for the 7th OT Summit 2013


* Complimentary invitations are exclusively for Business and IT Executives of the Oil, Gas & Industrial Sectors only, Delegates from IT Vendors, Consultants and solution provider can attend as paid delegates.